What is RuPay Card? Benefits of Rupay Card

Rupay Card

What is RuPay Card?

RuPay is one of the most popular Payment Gateways. This Payment Gateway has been developed in India and the payment system has been adopted by most banks. RuPay has many benefits like International Payment Gateway Visa and Master Card.

RuPay Visa is a payment gateway like Master, Maestro. Payment Gateway facilitates money transfer between banks, accounts and all other banking channels. Due to Payment Gateway, we can use any other Bank’s ATM Machine and Swipe Machine. Also, due to Payment Gateway, our cards work in other countries too.

What is RuPay Card?

Rupay card is the discovery of NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India / Indian National Payment Corporation), whose finance ministry announced in May 2014. Rupay card This word is created by adding Rupay and Payment to both words so that its importance can be known that Rupay are useful in the field of payment transactions. Its aim is to reduce the transactions in checks. Also, it is also possible to pull all the transactions towards the card payment.

Importance Of Rupay Card

Due to making the card more powerful, it is useful for the bank. Due to its simple behavior and being useful, it has become the first choice for the consumer.

  • This reduces the amount of money involved in the transaction of money, which is why it is more effective for consumers.
  • This will ensure the development of customized services and products.
  • This secures the transaction process ie there is no possibility of fraud.
  • Most importantly, it is a centralized and biometric transaction system designed to reach rural areas.
  • Through which the entire country can successfully create a central transaction process.
  • The Finance Ministry has a plan to make it more reasonable by setting its fair value.
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Where can you use the RuPay Card?


Your RuPay Debit Card enables you to withdraw money from the ATM, irrespective of the bank, whether open or closed, you can withdraw money at any time. In India, you can get up to Rs 40,000 in a day. This is the limit of a common debit card. If you have a high-value card, then you can withdraw one lakh rupees per day using it. Banks decide the withdrawal limit so it can be different. Through ATM, you can know your bank balance and get a mini Can also get a statement.


You can also pay for a product or service using your RuPay Card. You can use this feature at the shops where POS Machine is available. This machine is used to get data from your card. It pays the shopkeeper immediately. You will also receive a receipt for this payment.

Online Transaction /Internet Banking

RuPay Card can also be used for Online Shopping and Payment. To use it online, you will need to provide details of your RuPay, which includes a 16-digit Card Number, Validity and CVV Number, along with 2 you will need to authenticate the transaction by entering an ATM Pin or 3D Secure PIN.

Benefits of Rupay Card

The following are the benefits of the Rupay card:

  • It accepts around 1,45,270 ATMs and approximately 8,75,000 point of sale terminals.
  • It adds more than 10,000 e-commerce sites, it is one of the methods of payment.
  • Currently, about 1.8 lakh commercial terminals have been accepted in India out of 8 lakh terminals.
  • The trader will have to pay the transaction fee of 0.01%.
  • The transaction limit is too high. And yes it can be different in each bank.
  • The customer will get an SMS alert for each transaction through his card.
  • You can get Cashback for payment of electricity, water, and gas, for example, Utility Bill.
  • Sometimes you will get 5% or 50 ₹ Cashback upon paying using RuPay Platinum Debit Card.
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Who can apply for Rupay Card?

Indian consumers can apply for Rupay card on public banks and private sector banks. It has been issued by more than 200 co-operative and rural banks in the country. The eligibility for the Rupay card is as follows:

  • To get the Rupay card; The person will have to bear the bank savings or current account.
  • Both existing and new customers are eligible to apply for it.
  • The existing customer can also deduct the debit card and get the card in return.
  • Apart from this, any new account holder will be able to get the card as per the Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana.

Note: Public, private, cooperative and regional rural banks are issuing the card, and a cap has been put on the cash withdrawal limit for all banks’ ATMs and the limit of purchases has been fixed.

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