What is Masked Aadhar?

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What is Masked Aadhar?

What is Masked Aadhar?, Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number which is issued to the residents of India. UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is authorized by the Central government to create this database which includes biometric and demographic data.

The government of India has created Aadhar card through UIDAI and since then Aadhar card has become mandatory as a valid document in many places. Not only that, many things are such that you can not do without an Aadhar card.

Nearly 100 million people in India have Aadhar card, so keeping such a lot of data less than no challenge. Let us tell you that the Aadhar Card has been issued by UIDAI, the Indian Unique Identification Authority, hence the responsibility of keeping the Aadhaar card is also done by UIDAI. UIDAI brings new features from time to time, which helps in making the Aadhar even more secure.

Recently, a new feature of the Aadhar has been launched by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which has been named as Masked Aadhaar. The Aadhar card has 12 digits, but with the help of this masked Aadhaar, you can hide the initial 8 digits of the Aadhar. That is, in the “Masked Aadhaar”, you will see only 4 digits of the last, and on this Aadhar, it will look like a masked. In masked Aadhar, other information including your photograph and QR code will continue to be visible.

This step has been taken to protect the Aadhar card of the people from misuse. In this, only four digits will be seen. So, the question arises that if its use is valid or not, then according to UIDAI, the use of this card is almost universally used, it can be used anywhere. If you want to save your Aadhar from Miss Use, then you should use MA.

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How to download Masked Aadhar?

To download Masked Aadhaar, first, go to the E – Aadhaar website https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/ After this you will see different options like Aadhar Number, Enrolment ID, and Virtual ID.  If you do not have a Virtual Aadhaar Card or Enrollment ID, you can enter your Aadhaar card number. so please enter your Aadhar card number and tick the option “I want a masked Aadhar”, fill the captcha after that click sends OTP, you will receive an OTP on your Registered mobile number, enter that OTP.

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After that you can download your Masked Aadhar, When you click on a download Aadhar, and when you open it, you will be asked to enter your password, after writing the password your MA will be downloaded.

Keep in mind the e-Aadhar card password is protected and its password is the first four characters of your name and four letters of your birth year. For example, your name is SUNIL and you will be the year 1990, your e-Aadhar password SUNIL1990.

I hope to understand the concept of What is Masked Aadhar? if you find this post useful, then please don’t forget to share with your friends.

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